Pervious Driveway Pavers

Pervious Driveway Pavers – Sustainable Driveway Options in Melbourne

Used for a range of applications, such as driveways, patios and walkways, pervious pavers provide high functionality as approved stormwater landscape planning. Primarily including pervious concrete, paver stones and interlocking grids – pervious pavers allow easy percolation of stormwater to the ground. As the water seeps to the ground, these pavers naturally filter pollutants and contaminants. Letting the natural ecosystem flourish, these pervious systems allow deep-seated roots and supporting microbes to interact in a natural environment which is free from pollution. At Hydropavers®, we specialise in pervious driveway pavers and other permeable pavement systems across Melbourne.

The pavers are designed for maximum water infiltration rate which is a lot greater than pervious concrete and the permeable pavers. Primarily used in stormwater drainage and filtration systems, these pavers can easily capture urban trash, debris or sediments. They also help in vector control, by reducing mosquito breeding due to stagnant water or outbreak of viruses.

Benefits of Pervious Pavements and Systems

By infiltrating precipitation, these pavers reduce runoff in terms of flow rate, temperature, volume and also filter pollutants which can otherwise end up in natural water bodies.


Aesthetic appeal to increase your property’s resale value


Infrastructure and installation for easy water drainage


Effective reduction in stormwater runoff from the property


High durability and longevity, upto 30 years


Pavers can be replaced in sections, with no requirement to replace the whole permeable pavement driveway


A great alternative for groundwater recharge and to maintain stream base flow

Both, pervious pavers and permeable pavement systems are highly suitable for driveways, sidewalks, walking paths, and streets with traffic from low-weight vehicles. Our porous installations include rock in the sublayer, pervious concrete, permeable paver blocks, porous asphalt, and reinforced turf for the best results.

For driveways with maximum eco-benefits and cost-effective installations, call us! We transform your driveways with our solutions in pervious paving systems and permeable pavement driveway in Melbourne.