Hydropavers® – Ceramic Permeable Pavers

Hydropavers® – Exclusive in Australia to Premier Pavers & Stone

Premier Pavers & Stone is pleased to bring Hydropavers® a range of totally permeable pavers exclusively to Australia. The need for hard surfaces that allow water to drain naturally has increased substantially. Environmental imperatives and Council requirements are now a reality, not to mention the practicalities like constructing car parks and footpaths that don’t puddle.

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Sustainable Building

An eco-friendly way to create safe, anti-slip landscaped environments. Architects, town planners, and Landscapers understand the difference.

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Paver Range

Wide range of permeable paver colours and sizes for your landscaping! Create a visual impact, with an environmental view in your hardscaping.

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Benefits of Permeable

Advantages of permeable pavings systems verses other pavers are outstanding. Noise reduction, anti-slip, and sustainable.

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Green Specifying

Sustainable permeable pavers eliminate water run-off issues in your hardscaping. Create unique designs and patterns with Hydropavers®.

Testing the permeability of our Hydropavers®

Nicolaas van Diemen is a highly qualified and experienced Segmental Paving expert in accurate and up to date advice on all aspects of landscaping and segmental paving. He was awarded a fellowship by the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISSI) in Permeable Paving Systems (PPS). Nicolaas conducted personal testing on Premier Hydropavers®.
Click here to see the Hydropavers® permeability test.

More information about permeable pavers and Hydropavers® :

Nic also spoke recently to Landscaping Victoria Association members about permeable paving and Hydropavers® .
Click here to watch Nic’s presentation.

Hydropavers® in use! Permeable ceramic pavers that make an impact.

Hydropavers® – Permeable Pavers

Hydropavers® – Permeable Pavers

Hydropavers® – Permeable Pavers

Hydropavers® – Permeable Pavers

Hydropavers® – Permeable Pavers

Hydropavers® – Permeable Pavers

Ecological permeable ceramic pavers that eliminate water-run off issues in your landscaping!

Hydropavers®  is a permeable paving product introduced to Australia by Premier Pavers & Stone, sourced from one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic tiles in China. Premier has an exclusive agreement with JiangXi Lvdao Technology Co. Ltd to market and supply their Ecological Water Permeable Ceramic Brick* exclusively in Australia as Hydropavers® .

*This product is patented in the People’s Republic of China and is also marketed in exclusively New Zealand by Jagas Paving Ltd.