Tropical-Forest-River | HydropaversImplementation of water-sensitive strategies is crucial to regaining balance in the Australian environment. Sometimes the simplest solutions can help us turn back some of the damage to our environment and provide a solution to our water needs. In the past, urban development has meant that much of the ground is covered with hard materials such as concrete and bitumen. This has resulted in the water running off these hard surfaces taking sediment, chemical pollutants, as well as leaf and street litter with it into the sea. Maximising pervious ground covers, such as grass and gardens, and minimising impervious ground covers, such as roof and other hard surfaces, means water is retained where it’s needed and run-off into the storm water system reduced. Another important development which has greatly changed the landscape of residential and commercial development is the discovery and implementation of permeable materials. Like pervious coverings, permeable surfaces absorb the rain as it falls and allow the water to filter down to the ground underneath. The absorption greatly reduces the amount of run-off from the surface as is the collection of gross pollutants. Permeable pavers offer a practical, effective way of incorporating hard, usable surfaces for pathways, driveways, roads and public areas while providing the amazing benefit of managing the water cycle. Unlike Pervious covers such as grass and garden plants, permeable pavers do not need watering and maintenance. The high absorption rate of the pavers means the surface remains safe to walk on during wet conditions. As the water seeps through the permeable structure of the pavers, gross pollutants do not enter the water flow and can be removed from the surface once it is dry again. Leaf and street litter can be easily removed from the surface restricting their flow into the storm water system. Premier Hydropavers® is committed to offering effective solutions to your water-cycle management. Call us to arrange a demonstration of their water-sensitive solutions. We’ll show you how they help you meet your environmental and water conservation specifications.