Permeable Hydropavers | What is Urban Heat Island Effect and The Impacts

Permeable Hydropavers | What is Urban Heat Island Effect and The Impacts

A colleague of mine was visiting China in March for business, he visited Beijing, Shanghai and some rural areas of China. My colleague couldn’t help but notice the difference in temperatures between the Cities and the rural areas. The urban areas were significantly hotter than their rural counterparts. Perhaps you have also noticed that when living in a city, the temperature are always a few degrees hotter than what the local weather report. The cause of this is known as the “urban heat island effect”.

The Urban heat island effect occurs when urban areas have high amounts of paved and dark coloured surfaces that absorb and store heat resulting in higher temperatures. Buildings built close together work as heat insulators raising the temperature significantly.

There can be a number of harmful heat related illnesses. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are directly linked to extreme heat and can be fatal. Young children and mature age citizens are especially susceptible to extreme heat events. Heat waves in Australia can be very dangerous especially in major cities experiencing heat islands. People with lower socio-economic status may also be susceptible due to their inability to provide adequate temperature control such as air conditioning. People who primarily work outside may also be vulnerable to the extreme heat events.

The urban heat island effect contributes to increased energy consumption. With the elevated temperatures caused by the heat islands, energy required for cooling drastically increases, resulting in elevated carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. Raising emissions also contributes to the increase of air pollutants which can be harmful and cause respiratory problems and general discomfort.

It is widely known that built up urban environments drastically decrease water quality. Urban stormwater runoff picks up a number of pollutants when running across the urban landscape before heading into the sewers and returning to the ocean. If the water has been significantly heated from the hot surfaces, once it returns to the ocean it can raise the water temperatures, the stress it can cause on an aquatic ecosystem is enormous.

One possible solution to the urban heat island effect may be permeable ceramic Hydropavers. Premier Hydropavers are a permeable paver made from crushed ceramic tiles. Premier Hydropavers can potentially lower the impact of the urban heat island effect due to their ability to absorb and store water, they provide a cooling effect. If large areas are paved in the permeable pavers, the cooling effect would be immense and significantly lower the temperature.

With the city’s temperature dropping, the energy consumption will also significantly decline as there would no longer be a wide a need for air conditioning thus reducing the amount of carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. With greenhouse gasses declining, air pollutants will also significantly reduce, improving overall health and human comfort.

Permeable Hydropavers | Plastic Bags, Permeability and a Sustainable Future

Permeable Hydropavers | Plastic Bags, Permeability and a Sustainable Future

Plastic bags are undeniably harmful to our environment. Damages to wildlife ecosystems and the clogging of drainage systems have prompted remediate action and as of June 20th 2018, single-use plastic bags will no longer be available at supermarkets, service stations and liquor stores. Further action, such as the potential banning of plastic straws and other single-use plastic products are also being taken to protect our environment.

We can be proud as Australians that we’re taking the right step towards a sustainable future. Unfortunately, one problem is being ignored by our government, urban runoff. When the level of rainfall is too high and cannot be absorbed by the land, this results in water runoff. Due to the permeable nature of soil, apt levels of runoff will eventually infiltrate the soil and be stored as ground water. When heavy rainfall occurs in an urban area rainfall isn’t absorbed due to the impermeable nature of concrete and pavements. This means a series drains and waterways are required to clear the runoff. When runoff is travelling through the urban surface, it can collect a number of pollutants, pesticides and contaminants. These pollutants can be hazardous to plants, animals and people.

One solution to urban runoff is permeable pavers. An example of a commonly used permeable paver is the Premier Hydropavers.The materials are made of recycled ceramic tiles that have tiny microholes. The pavers absorb the water runoff through their pores which then goes into the ground and filters out the pollutants, stopping them going into our drains and waterways. Premier Hydropavers are also nonslip and prevent flooding and puddles from accumulating in all paved areas.

Permeable Pavers like Premier Hydropavers are becoming more commonly used around the world in places like China, Germany, the UK and the USA to combat urban runoff and flooding. Australia more common than not is often behind the curve when it comes to innovation and protecting the environment. We can’t solely rely on our government to make the necessary changes needed for a sustainable future. We must take it upon ourselves as individuals to make an impact. By installing permeable pavers in your driveways and walk ways you contribute greatly to turning your community into a sustainable environment.

Permeable Hydropavers | The Pavers For Commercial Spaces

Permeable Hydropavers | The Pavers For Commercial Spaces

Give your customers the best

From our previous articles we’ve observed how our revolutionary permeable paving product- Hydropaver, is beneficial for councils and homeowners. With our article highlighting the Atlanta, US case and our tips about landscaping with Premier Hydropavers, we hope that a somewhat clear understanding is developed regarding the immense potential of this product.

In this article we would like to speak directly to owners of commercial establishments and builders that take up commercial projects. If you’re planning on building a new project,Premier Hydropavers can do even more wonders for your customers and employees.

We would like to start off by highlighting some general applications in commercial spaces that are classics in terms of building design, functionality and decor:

Front Yard application:

In cases of stand alone commercial properties, it is a delight to your customers if there is a courtyard where they can relax before or after their interaction with your business. This space allows customers to be calm and collected rather than having to rush in and out of the establishment without having a place to pause.

In the front yard,Premier Hydropavers can play a significant role in providing a clutter free and hygienic space that is very easy to maintain. The porous surface doesn’t allow water to stagnate in the event of those surprise Melbourne rainfalls. Furthermore, they provide an anti-slip surface and also cool the surrounding area.

Parking Lot application:

Parking lots are often the busiest areas after the reception of the establishment. Parking lots go through a lot of wear and tear on account of the sheer number of heavy vehicles that pass through it on a daily basis. Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining parking lots may seem like a futile gesture that cannot be avoided at any costs. This is where Premier Hydropavers work their charm. By being porous, they do not allow any water to be stagnated and can be easily cleaned with a pressure cleaner.

Premier Hydropavers also absorb noise, making your parking lot one peaceful place to be!

Entrance application

In the event that you are not very keen on paving the entire front section of your establishment, it can pay off to just cover the area immediately outside the entrance. As this can absorb the dirt and excess liquid that can be brought in by pedestrians. A one stop solution to reducing your cleaning requirements.

We sincerely hope that these ideas can shed some much-needed light on daily maintenance issues in commercial establishments. Our Hydropavers team would be more than happy to answer some questions specific to your commercial establishment.

Permeable Hydropavers | The Sustainable Materials Of Landscaping

Permeable Hydropavers | The Sustainable Materials Of Landscaping

Porous permeable paving with extensive applications

Permeable paving by Premier Hydropavers® is a revolution in landscaping, for which property owners, interior designers and construction experts have been waiting. However, it should be taken into account how this technology came to be. We have observed over the period of human development in technology that ideas are recycled from the past and made bigger and better to be applicable in current times. The story of permeable paving is no different.


The basic idea comes from the thousand year old tradition of making walkways in the sand. For many years, walkways have been made by simply setting stones in the sand while leaving a gap between two stones. This simplistic design allowed water and dirt to flow in between the gaps, leaving very little to be maintained. This principle has been magnified to great extents to suit the needs of the 21st century through porous paving.

Premier Hydropavers® is comprised of a layered design that allows water to pass through effortlessly. The general set up of permeable paving includes the following layers:

  1. Layer– The paving material of your choice (colour and texture)
  2. Layer– A gravel bed that also adds to the strength of the pavers
  3. Layer– This layer comprises of a filter fabric or other material that ensures that no pollutants get passed on through to the bottom layer
  4. Layer– The bottom most layer is usually sand or soil that directs the water into the ground

Permeable paving offers benefits beyond what meets the eye and beyond the general convenience that our product offers. As we discussed in our previous article, the large scale benefits for city councils and homeowners in USA is a standing testament to the effectiveness of permeable paving.

Some of the general advantages of Premier Hydropavers® are:

  • Premier Hydropavers® help to manage and curb storm-water by allowing water to pass through the surface. This greatly reduces expenses and risks associated with stagnating water.
  • The various layers of permeable paving allows the water to be purified to a great extent before being replenished into the ground water.
  • Premier Hydropavers® feature an anti-slip surface, enabling many more applications in outdoor areas.

If you’re looking for a smart alternative to paving that is in tune with the requirements of the 21st century, Premier Hydropavers® is the ideal choice.

Permeable Hydropavers | An Investment towards Water Security in Melbourne

Permeable Hydropavers | An Investment towards Water Security in Melbourne

The above photo might seem alarming to someone who has recently arrived in Melbourne. However, over the past 100 years, Melbourne has seen heavy rains and residential flash flooding as a result. These types of city floods have been witnessed in suburbs that were developed before the mid to late 1970s.

Planning authorities at the time did not have the resources to take into account what would happen when the existing drainage would overflow. Now, it is the responsibility of the planning authority to address this issue in a preventative manner.

The Problem:

The rains in Melbourne can be frequent but is hardly a reason to stay indoors. At certain times, however, continuous rain can cause flooding in many of Melbourne’s suburban streets. When the existing drainage system in some of these suburbs reach capacity, the excessive water then flows along the roads and other overland flow channels to the nearby rivers and creeks, this runoff water is made up of rainwater and sewage that overflows into the streets.

This scale of flooding does not cause any monumental damage to human life or property but can create severe bottlenecks for home owners, commuters and the city’s maintenance authorities to do their everyday jobs. Such water runoff usually causes minor flooding into low lying homes and roadside establishments and most importantly, over 90% of this water is wasted. Whereas, permeable paving allows this water to be stored as groundwater or flow back easily to the ecosystem. The permeable paving system also decreases stormwater runoff and prevents soil erosion due to flooding.

The Technology:

Permeable paving is the most effective solution to combat urban flooding. It can also be installed by homeowners to protect their driveways and backyards from excess water stagnation. Premier Hydropavers® Permeable Pavers are suitable for supporting heavy vehicles and any adverse weather conditions.

How does it work?

In the event of heavy rainfall, the excess water does not rush into the sewers. The water slowly passes through the pores of the permeable paving, getting filtered in the process. Constant road usage by vehicles of all kinds can leave layers of oil and other chemicals on the streets. Permeable paving allows such harmful residues to be filtered out rather than having to pass through the sewer system.

This system mimics nature in the most fundamental sense. It allows water to pass through just as soil would soak water to avoid landslides and water runoff.


  • Prevents water runoff by filtering excess rain water and allowing groundwater to recharge
  • Permeable paving acts as the most efficient drainage system that does not require regular maintenance
  • An affordable solution to a recurring problem

The Costs:

“You’re not just getting a pavement- you’re getting a pavement and a stormwater management system all in one” – Director of Stormwater Services VHB, Massachusetts on the prospect of investing in the Southeast Atlanta paving project, which became one of America’s most successful permeable paving project.

The area faced multiple issues of flooding and residents were suffering the constant mismanagement of rain and sewage water.After multiple complaints, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed ventured out to find a solution to this problem. And thus, a whopping $15.8 million was invested in removing existing asphalt roads and replacing them with permeable paving.

The results were astonishing. This project wrapped up in June 2016 and is now a source of pride for the people of Atlanta. Stormwater no longer floods into the streets and homes remain dry even through heavy rainfalls.

The initial cost of installing this paving pays for itself by reducing future expenditures caused by heavy rains, flash flooding and unexpected weather conditions. Permeable paving is not a band aid fix but a long term solution to personal and public infrastructure.

PremierHydropavers® offer an effective solution to your water-cycle management. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of their water-sensitive solutions. We’ll show you how our environmentally friendly permeable pavers can transform your next project..!!

Permeable Hydropavers | Why We Should Be Serious About Run-Off Issues

Permeable Hydropavers | Why We Should Be Serious About Run-Off Issues

Water is the most essential and valuable resource in the world. Over the  past we have seen up to 21 out of 36 of our bay-side beaches and various spots on the Yarra River that have been deemed unsuitable for swimming by the EPA.Poor-Water-Quality-Melbourne | Hydropavers The problem occurs after a rain event due to contaminants entering our waterways from run-off. The contaminants can be anything from bird poo to petrol spills or dead animals to chemical residuesplus many more. They all have an effect on the quality of our water. This cycle is nothing new but we have the knowledge and the expertise to do something about it and break the cycle and start to improve the quality of our water.Water-Quality-Warning | Hydropavers The solution is using Permeable Paving Systems. Permeable paving has been in existence since the late 1980s and can make a huge difference to the amount of run-off and the quality of the water that enters our waterways. Permeable pavers, unlike traditional concrete or asphalt, are made up of porous materials that allow water to pass through. Using permeable pavers on a path, driveways, or street means rainfall can soak into the ground, instead of pooling and running off hard surfaces. Urbanisation increases run-off from 5% in rural situation to up to 95% in urban environments. If we can capture the first 20% of run-off we can eliminate 80% of contaminants that enter our waterways so that we can swim again safely. These contaminants are filtered and broken down by the base material used in Permeable Paving Systems enlarge the latest permeable Premier Hydropavers® from Premier Pavers & stone. Hydropavers-elimiate-water-run-off-issues | HydropaversThe improvement of the quality of our water will not happen overnight however the use of Permeable Paving Systems is one way of making a difference. Nicolaas (Nic) van Diemen Nic van Diemen is an qualified Landscape and Segmental Paving Expert and has a Fellowship in (PPS) from the International Specialised Skills Institute (ISSI) Contact us at Premier Pavers & Stone to arrange a demonstration of the water-sensitive solutions for our Premier Hydropavers® offer.

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