Benefits of Hydropavers®

The benefits of Hydropavers® extend from the visual, to the functional all the way to the environmental and to public safety. Never before has a paver been able to offer benefits on all of these levels. Our water permeable pavers truly are a step forward in construction and in our ability to build without harming the environment.Our Hydropavers® are the perfect choice for architects, builders and DIY fanatics who want to turn their hardscaped areas into environmentally-friendly, non-slip, puddle free and attractive spaces that carries a multitude of advantages.

The benefits of Hydropavers® include:

Permeable-pavers-at-construction-site Hydropavers

Incredible Permeability

The ability for water to enter into the pavers and then flow naturally means that water is absorb evenly and dispersed of evenly. This means that problems arising from heavy water flow into drainage systems is avoided and damage as a result of rapid-run off is also avoided. The longevity of the water permeable paving system is also increased as a result of the more even dispersal of groundwater. Due to the even dispersal the water permeable pavers can settle more evenly and allow the pavers to find a consistent resting place.

Block-Drain | Hydropavers

Innovation in Drainage

Hydropavers® create an enormous drainage point. Every square inch of the paved area becomes a place for water to be absorbed and returned into the ground. This is a far more efficient way of draining water than creating sloped areas in paving that lead to single drainage points, which can quickly become blocked and flooded. The water permeable pavement also works to filter the water, meaning the water collected can become a useful source of water for garden beds in patios and gardens. In a country where water is scarce we all need to make the most of every drop that falls from the sky.

Garden-Landscape-Permeable-Pavers | Hydropavers

Ease Some of The Planning Headaches

Every domestic or commercial builder has had to deal with the seemingly endless red tape that the council puts up. With our permeable pavers you will find it much easier to achieve the percentage of permeable areas that council may require you to meet.

Urban-Landscape-Permeable-Pavers | Hydropavers

Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect

Anyone who has been around a hardscaped area on a hot day knows the effect radiated heat can have. Hardscaped areas can trap and radiate heat, especially in built-up areas. The nature of our permeable pavers means that after rain water evaporates slowly from them and their surface temperature reduces, meaning you can create a far more comfortable area for the public to enjoy.

Melbourne-Warehouse-Display | Hydropavers

Three Advantages in One Paver

Our pavers are anti-slip, they can be used in all paving situations and they look fantastic. You don’t have to ruin your aesthetic with ugly non-slip mats and the design of the pavers mean that the colour is fired into the paver.


Safety and Comfort

The ability to create permeable areas for vehicle traffic means you can work to reduce traffic accidents. The main advantage comes in the fact that puddling and pooling of water is reduced, meaning that light reflection is also reduced and drivers can enjoy better visibility.

Reduction in Urban Pollution

Excess air moisture in urban areas can contribute to pollution. This phenomenon is known as ‘water haze,’ and the permeable nature of our pavers means that they can work to disperse this haze and lessen the effect of urban pollution on the local environment and the wider environment.

Noise Reduction

Excess noise is a problem to residents in urban areas. Our pavers not only absorb water, they also absorb noise from vehicles and other sources of noise. By using our pavers for your hardscaping needs you can create a more tranquil space for the public.

Give Back

In a time where our impact on the environment is having real and devastating effects, we all need to work to slow these effects and our pavers can:

  • Increase groundwater supply, stop soil erosion and prevent waste from entering our waterways by preventing runoff
  • Purify rainwater, allowing it to be recycled and used for a variety of purposes.

Sustainable and attractive permeable pavers that eliminate water run-off issues in all applications.


More than 60mm of water permeates through these pavers per hour.


Water returns to the soil, improving the lives of plants and replenishing groundwater resources.


The porous structure of the paver absorbs a large amount of noise.


FROST-RESISTANT, WEATHERING RESISTANT —II. Breaking load is 10 kN for the 200x100x55 size paver, and 20 kN for the 300x300x55 paver. Frost resistance is -25° C. Resistant to weathering, even when exposed to strong acids or alkalis.


Rain water seeps into the ground rather than puddling – preventing the hazards that puddles can pose, including reducing the risk of people slipping, reducing sun glare and night reflection.


The pavers absorb water like a glaonge. If less than 5mm of rain falls in a day, the water is held in the paver and evaporate’ o ce the ?it rain , vent is over.


Designed to be used and reused, permeable pavers conserve rain water, regulate surface temperatures, reduce noise, and improve safety and comfort. All these environmentally friendly benefits in pavers that will blend beautifully in every home or commercial design.


AUTOMATICALLY HELP REGULATE SURFACE TEMPERATURES. Permeability and evaporation of water from the paver can regulate surface temperature and humidity. Natural evaporation helps reduce the surface temperature of the pavers and reduces the urban heat island effect.

Reduction in Urban Pollution

Excess air moisture in urban areas can contribute to pollution. This phenomenon is known as ‘water haze,’ and the permeable nature of our pavers means that they can work to disperse this haze and lessen the effect of urban pollution on the local environment and the wider environment.