Residental Buyer

Nick van Diemen (ISSI Fellow in Permeable Paving Systems) discusses the benefits of high quality ceramic permeable pavers by Premier Hydropavers®

Commercial Buyer

Are run off or drainage problems causing you concern? Permeable pavers are just what you need!

Premier Pavers is excited to announce that we are the exclusive supplier of Premier Hydropavers® in Australia. The porous paving is a valuable addition to the Australian construction industry and will be of enormous benefit to the future of public and private spaces.

Changes in the weather mean there is a real need for the availability of hard surfaces that can absorb and drain water. These permeable pavers work to satisfy both environmental needs as well as public safety and council requirements, such as puddle free public spaces.

– Premier Hydropavers®

  • Our permeable pavers have been nominated for the Green Building Product of the year award, as part of the Sustainability Awards!