“Water is the driving force of all nature” 

 Leonardo da Vinci 

Premier Hydropavers

Premier Hydropavers® are permeable pavers which are manufactured entirely from recycled ceramic waste and require zero raw material extraction.

Premier Hydropavers can address Australian problems from urbanisation such as water surface run-off, water contamination and heat-island effect.

Premier Hydropavers also have many other residential benefits:

  • designed to reduce sun glare and night reflection
  • can be easily power washed, meaning require less maintenance
  • there is no need to alleviate clogs on a regular basis to maintain the permeability. The patented structure allows Hydropavers® to preserve its permeability with minimal attention
  • are capable of absorbing vehicles’ and city noises
  • tests indicate that permeable pavers can reach approximately 30°C on a 32°C day, whereas timber decking can reach 59°C in urban areas where heat is entrapped.

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